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Accidental Death and Personal Injury in Princeton, WV
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Roop Law Office Fights for Justice on Accidental Death and Injury

Roop Law Office LC is a strong ally to secure justice on accidental death and personal injury in Princeton, WV. When a serious accident or wrongful death matter rocks your family, you must do more than heal or handle arrangements. Claimants must file claim for an accident, death, mining industry accident, or work-related personal injury within a limited time.

For a free consultation on an accident, wrongful death or personal injury matter, call Roop Law Office LC. Reach us at (304) 255-7667 or contact us online today to find out more.

Car and Other Vehicle Accidents Cause Injury and Death in WV

Cars and other vehicles can cause one of the most familiar types of injury-causing accidents. Too often, West Virginia accidents involving one or more vehicles can result in injury. Some accidents may even cause death to drivers and passengers.

There can be many factors that go into a car accident resulting in injury and death. These may include excessive speed, improper road design or signage, mechanical flaws, and more. Paul Roop at Roop Law Office LC in Beckley will fight for your rights after a car accident. Call today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you.

Wrongful Death Matters in Beckley, Oak Hill, and Princeton, WV

When someone does pass away due to wrongful death, family members are left to grieve. These grieving loved ones can speak with attorney Paul Roop about their situation to see whether they are able to file a wrongful death case. There is no need for family members in Beckley, Oak Hill, and Princeton to disregard negligence that causes accidental death. 

Claimants in accidental death matters may receive compensation for their loss. This can include such additional elements as pain, suffering, loss of income, and more. Do not suffer in silence and let the wrongful death of your loved one slip by. There is a period of time in which to file your claim, so consult with Roop Law Office LC today for more information.

Mining-related Personal Injuries and Death in WV

The state of West Virginia has a long history of mining-related injury claims. Some mining families have members from multiple generations who work in or for the mining companies. For families in the mining industry, when one suffers from an injury or death, many do.

Mining workers who incur personal injury or death associated with operations can speak with Roop Law Office LC. Find out more about filing a claim related to your personal injury. Family members can discuss their loved one’s mining-related death. See how it is possible to uphold your rights and receive adequate compensation for your loss, pain, and suffering.

Work Injuries That Require an Attorney to Uphold Your Rights

Workers in many industries suffer injuries large and small on the job site almost every day. Severe injuries, however, cannot be bandaged easily. Some work-related injuries that involve critical harm, extended recovery and therapy time might need an attorney. How do you know for sure? Consult with Paul Roop, of Roop Law Office LC.

Most workers presume they may be covered under various sick leave policies, workers compensation, or family leave laws. Severe injury can use up leave time and workers comp only covers so many weeks. What if you can return in a limited capacity but your employer refuses to adjust your schedule or duties?

It may be time to seek the wise counsel of attorney Paul Roop. Get the answers you need, file for compensation, and uphold your rights in Southern West Virginia. Entrust Roop Law Office LC with your accidental death and personal injury in Princeton, WV.