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Injured by a Defective or Dangerous Product in West Virginia?

When you require products liability legal services in Oak Hill, WV, contact Roop Law Office LC. Products liability matters are an injury class that can affect an individual, a number of persons, or a business. Throughout the state, in any given year, individuals and businesses can suffer a loss due to unsafe products. When this occurs, turn to Roop Law Office LC for effective action to recover losses and uphold your rights. 

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Beyond Deceptive Practice with Marketing-related Products Liability

As part of consumer protection covered by the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA), products liability extends beyond deceptive practice language. Seeing a variety of warning labels or safety warnings on packages is fairly common practice. Many of us are used to seeing a variety of warning labels or safety warnings on packages. Bright stickers or other signs may warn us about a potential risk.

However, these only cover hazards known by the product manufacturer. If a product injured you or a loved one because it failed to provide a warning, it may fall under a products liability statute. Consider the many products in use every day. Some companies will sell items knowing they contain risks and never disclose or warn consumers. 

Design Defects or Flaws That Cause Injury to Consumers

There are times when a product’s design has a flaw that continues throughout its life. Even items manufactured carefully can be dangerous. These inherent design defects could include parts that break into small pieces and become choking hazards. They may also include products that contain harmful ingredients.

Perhaps you know of or experienced some type of injury from a design-defective product? Working with Paul Roop and his team at Roop Law Office LC may help you to recover damages with a personal injury claim. If you are in Oak Hill, Princeton, Beckley, or the surrounding area, call to schedule a free consultation.

Manufacturing Defects That Can Cause Harm to Users in WV

Items do not have to contain cancer-causing ingredients to cause harm. A product can cause injury due to its assembly. If a company manufactures an item but fails to put it together properly, that failure could cause harm or death. 

Errors can occur in the manufacturing process when there is not enough attention given to quality control. Harm may follow if something is not assembled according to its diagram. Another possible way might be from human error on an assembly line. No matter its cause, Roop Law Office LC can determine if it warrants filing an injury claim.

Does a Recall Cover Loss from Defective Products?

Many consumers can be deceived by defective products. Honest manufacturers who discover a flaw that could cause potential harm do recall all or part of a defective product. We see this often in the automotive industry, for example. However, there are many products in use every day with lingering consequences.

Filing a claim under products liability serves to put these companies on notice that their item is harmful. Some companies will recall a dangerous item in exchange for another item of safer design. But issuing a recall of a dangerous item does not relieve a company from all risk of loss. Consult with Roop Law Office LC on questions regarding products liability legal services in Oak Hill, WV.