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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Matters
in Southern West Virginia

Trust Roop Law Office LC in Beckley, WV, for Bankruptcy Law

Roop Law Office LC concentrates on Chapter 7 bankruptcy matters in Southern West Virginia. While we serve a variety of legal needs, making the decision to file bankruptcy is not always easy. Working with Roop Law Office helps you assess your alternatives. 

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Often Called “Fresh Start”

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is often called a “fresh start.” But there may be alternatives within the bankruptcy code that could suit your situation better. We want you to be aware of what happens with your credit after bankruptcy. It is our goal to help you achieve future success so you can truly enjoy the fresh start bankruptcy provides.

Deciding to file Chapter 7, or any other form of bankruptcy, can be a lengthy process. There are factors to consider, so Roop Law Office LC seeks to make it easier. We want to inform you fully on what filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy means for you.

Why Consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

One of the reasons clients come to Roop Law Office LC is to speak with a lawyer who can offer sound advice. Perhaps you already have some idea about bankruptcy. You may wonder if you qualify, or need help deciding if filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a viable solution.

A person’s road to filing bankruptcy is generally a difficult time, and Roop Law Office LC understands this. We help you to review alternatives and plot the best course of action. Our team does this nonjudgmentally, without stigma as to why you need our services. 

Discover more by visiting the website for the United States Trustee Program at www.usdoj.gov/ust.

What Needs to Happen Before Filing Bankruptcy?

Many consumers arrive at bankruptcy after receiving budget and credit counseling from an approved agency. This generally happens within 180 days before filing your bankruptcy case. The agency reviews possible options and assists you in reviewing your budget.

Different agencies provide counseling in person, by phone, or online. It is often best to have a certificate from the agency showing you attended counseling sessions with them. These records would make up your first steps toward clearing up your finances ahead of filing bankruptcy.

Meeting with an attorney is also a good step, even before getting the counseling. A credit counselor is unable to give legal advice. An attorney can offer sound experience on whether bankruptcy is right for you. Attorneys who focus on bankruptcy will have other suggestions and can refer you to approved agencies for further counseling.

Filing for Bankruptcy - Personal and Business Options

Roop Law Office LC understands that individual consumers may also operate a small business. Your personal and business obligations and options with financial and bankruptcy matters may take legal advice. Our law office can help your small business reorganize using the latest rules from Congress.

Trust Roop Law Office LC to guide you through the various personal and business bankruptcy options. While Chapter 7 may best suit some individuals, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy may better suit your unique situation. Our office can file Chapter 11 cases for businesses and individuals with predominately business debts. Another filing option is Chapter 12 for those involved in the farming business or fishermen.

Overcome Debt Problems in Beckley, WV, and the Surrounding Areas

With Roop Law Office LC at your side, you can obtain sound assistance in overcoming debt problems. If you or your business are in financial difficulty, call to speak with Roop Law Office LC in Beckley today. Let our legal team bring you the peace of mind you deserve. Give our office a call today to schedule a free consultation.

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